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Revealed: Secret Formula to Grow Your Penis Before It Is Too Late

A renegade scientist has discovered a weird magic bean formula, which is proven to massively increase the size of your penis in just weeks.  In his research, the scientist noted that “on average, men are likely to see a 60% to 80% increase in size by the end of the first month”.

This research has become extremely important, as male genetic trends has demonstrated a decline in male penis size, with men in the year 1830 having an average size of 8 inches, compared to an average of 5.8 inches in the year 2013.

The problem is the majority of women still want an 8 inch dick. If you are an “average guy” then there is a high chance that you’re too small.

In fact, 67.8% of women have claimed that they have dumped or cheated on a man for having a small penis. With 95.3% of women surveyed stating that "they would have sex more often, if their partner had a bigger penis”. In other words, the bigger your penis, the more sex you will have.

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